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Employment Agreements & Representation of Executives

Allison and Shannon have been reading, drafting, and litigating employment agreements for the past 25 years. We know what works and what doesn’t. We know the language that will be helpful in a dispute and the language that won’t be. We draft all employment-related agreements, including non-disclosure, non-competition, proprietary information and invention, employment, independent contractor, retention, bonus, severance, and separation.

Allison and Shannon routinely guest lectured at the University of Texas School of Law about how to draft well-written employment agreements.

Because of our experience with these agreements, executives turn to us when they need advice on getting a good agreement in place – we help executives on the front end of employment (e.g., the employment agreement), on a possible transition to another job (e.g., the noncompetition/nonsolicitation agreement), and at the end of employment (e.g., the severance/separation agreement).

What Our Clients Say

Representing these individuals is especially fulfilling to us. Our clients benefit from both our knowledge and our personal touch. Here’s what some of our executive clients have had to say over the years:

Thank you for guiding me through this difficult time for me. I truly appreciate it. I understand that I am a rather small client of yours, but you worked with me like an individual with heart, that made me feel much better. Thank you!


I’m very grateful for your help and guidance through this process. I will definitely not hesitate to recommend you to friends and colleagues.